The Economics of Green Water.

Average Water Consumption per person = 150litres per day.

This is equivalent to about 55m3 (or tonnes) per year.

A 6 person household therefore uses about 350m3/ year.

40% of this is used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

A cartoon of a woman using a hosepipe.

BedZED, Beddington, London Borough of Sutton.

Example: Small Scale on-site Sewage Treatment Plant

BedZed (Beddington Zero Emissions Development) is an ultramodern housing estate near Carshalton in South London built by The Peabody Trust. WWUK (at the time trading as part of Albion Water) was closely associated with the design and implementation of the 'green' water system which treats the produced sewage on-site, returning the cleansed 'green' water to the housing for toilet flushing.

Picture of a green water system at BedZED

The design of the 'Green Water Treatment Plant' (GWTP) was a hybrid between a traditional activated sludge system and which also incorporated some clarifying elements and plants from the 'Living Machine' system.

At the present time the system is out of commission but lessons have been drawn (and are in press for publication) as to how to reproduce a small scale modular system such as the GWTP elsewhere. This solution is an important tool in the armoury of sustainable water management, especially on green or brown field development sites.