Uses for non-potable 'green' water might include:

A cartoon of a man at a window.
A picture of a borehole being dug

Drilling a borehole.

Ground Water

WWUK specialises in the supply of urban groundwater directly to its customers who require an individually tailored water supply, potable and/or non-potable.

Significant savings on water bills are to be made in commercial, amenity and domestic situations through the use of ground water.

WWUK can also assist you with water conservation and recycling schemes.

'Green Cluster' supply.

The added benefits of this approach are that the costs of production, and therefore the cost to the customers, of such grades of water will vary with quality. In this way WWUK can substantially reduce the cost per cubic metre of water at the point of delivery in comparison with the incumbent mains supplier. Typically, WWUK water from a borehole source can cost between 25 to 30% less than London mains water.

A diagram of a Green Cluster Supply

Green Cluster Supply