The Economics of Green Water.

Average Water Consumption per person = 150litres per day.

This is equivalent to about 55m3 (or tonnes) per year.

A 6 person household therefore uses about 350m3/ year.

40% of this is used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

A cartoon of a woman using a hosepipe.
A general view of GROW 2

General View of GROW 2.


Beat the drought, forget hosepipe bans and always have enough water for your vegetables and flowers!

Following the success (and bronze medal) of the GROW system at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2005, WWUK have now responded to public demand by creating 'GROW2', a smaller version for individual households.

This 5 trough version measures 2m x 1m x 1m (high at the back) and sits neatly outside the kitchen window at the back of the house looking just as pretty as a raised garden. With a 'grey' water tank and a 'green' water tank both in the shade underneath there is always sufficient treated clean water for the garden and/or the toilets.

A view from a kitchen window of GROW 2

View from a kitchen window of GROW 2.

The 'grey water' is derived from the bath, shower and hand basins and requires separate plumbing down to ground floor level. There is a normal drain diverting the grey water to the gully which can be controlled by a simple valve if, for example, the GROW 2 filter needs to be cleaned. The GROW 2 system meets all current building regulations.

GROW 2 will be available in Spring 2007 in kit form and will cost in the region of £800 plus installation.

Be prepared for this summer's drought!