The Economics of Green Water.

Average Water Consumption per person = 150litres per day.

This is equivalent to about 55m3 (or tonnes) per year.

A 6 person household therefore uses about 350m3/ year.

40% of this is used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

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Regentís Park, London

The Construction of a New Borehole

The Royal Parks commissioned WWUK to provide a suitably sized borehole for a number of applications in Regentís Park.

The Park had recently procured a grant from the Sports Council to upgrade the 40 or so sports pitches in the Park which are immensely popular throughout the year. Having spent a significant amount of money on the upgrades including an irrigation system, Royal Parks wished to create their own resource for watering the grass, and which would not place a burden on the local potable water supply. Additionally such an increased use of mains water would be very expensive.

Together with WWUK the Parkís Managers made an estimate of the total annual volume which might be available for the following additional uses:

The borehole was drilled and constructed with very little disturbance to the public rights of way, without noise nuisance or other interference with the day-to-day business of the Park, and is now fulfilling the uses for which it was intended.

WWUK took responsibility for the appointment of the Contractor and the supervision of the works.